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Implement and Integrate Foxtrot RPA Safely

Achieve successful implementation of RPA-software

Businesses are investing in IT systems and software like never before. The technical development and digital transformation are two of the main factors that force companies to be more innovative and forward thinking. Several aspects are relevant to examine when either considering starting to use, about to implement, or already in the process of maintaining new technologies in your business processes. New technology influences and affects the responsibilities of management, the tasks of the employees, and the internal processes. Unfortunately, many companies fail to be aware of these factors when pursuing the potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Successful implementations require management

Digital transformation is the driving force for business competitiveness. Several companies are unable to keep up with technological advancement, due to the manager’s lack of knowledge and clarity about the strategic assumptions of a technical software implementation. RPA, also known as virtual robots, integrates with existing software, which automates manual and repetitive tasks and business processes. Foxtrot RPA offers the most intuitive and user-friendly RPA-platform that can automate and streamline processes, release resources, increase quality, reduce the number of errors in manual processing, and much more. Nevertheless, for Foxtrot (or any other RPA tool for that matter) to work to its fullest potential, a clear and dedicated strategy for the implementation is required and should be developed by management. Management is obligated to manage the implementation and include the whole business to create a successful implementation. I will introduce several factors managers should consider before, during, and after implementing new technologies.

Aligning people, structure, and strategy is everything

When implementing new technology to business processes there are two important elements to consider. First, the involvementof the employees. A change cannot be implemented successfully without employees. They are the key asset of any business. New technology implies change and development in business strategy. Change is often considered negative and can create insecurity as it forces employees to get out of their comfort zone and incorporate new patterns. Managers are crucial for a chance to become successful. They are positioned to guide and influence employees through clear and communicated strategies before beginning implementation of new technology. Employees need to be involved and they need to feel secure regarding their job positioning. Without understanding the purpose and direction of the change, employees will most-likely work against instead of for the change. This leads to the second element, the clear and communicated implementation strategy. A strategy should present the employees with information and guidelines to follow before, during, and after the implementation process. For employees to feel safe and secure, managers should also provide support during the process to create awareness of the need to transition and knowledge on how the implementation will continue when the final solution is implemented.

Be aware of your business’ digital maturity

Many markets are incorporating digital forces to become more innovative and to adapt to the technical development in a fast-changing world. Digital maturity is the company’s ability to react quickly to the constant digital change. It requires the right competencies such as hiring employees with a great set of skills, behavior, and resources. If other digital skills are needed, the business is forced to offer training and support for employees to learn and develop new skills. Once the employee’s digital skills, resources, and behavior are identified, a training program is to be developed for employees to support managers to become a digitally transformed organization with high digital maturity. Leadership and management are important for all of this to be developed. Also, management must be aware of and acknowledge if their business struggle with old systems and procedures that obstruct their abilities to be agile. Even the best employees cannot transform the digital landscape of an organization without proper resources and support from management. And it is a big mistake to think that RPA or any other new technology can simply solve all IT problems with new fancy features and functionality. Without proper circumstances, no new technology can thrive. Therefore, it is utmost importance to focus on making sure to staff some great employees with competencies in digital transformation and development plus making sure to clean up any existing digital dept before pursuing new opportunities with new technologies. Hereby, the company can respond more effectively to the implementation, as well as bringing faster results.

What now?

Aligning people, structure, and strategy is highly relevant for successful implementation of new technologies. One of the first steps is to realize and accept that your business might struggle with internal work that is heavily manual or that you cannot realize your potential with your current IT setup. The best way to pursue the business and organizational benefits of RPA and other technologies is by finding such issues and preparing your internal staff with brainstorms, discussions, and up-minded meetings about how your employees see the potential for automation and optimization.

We at Foxtrot Alliance can help you to get in touch with one of our expert partners around the world that can assist you on this journey by facilitating such sessions and introducing your company to Foxtrot RPA. A best practice approach to getting started is with a PoC to prove that Foxtrot can automate 1-3 processes to give both management and the employees a sneak peek of the potential. In parallel, your employees can learn Foxtrot themselves through our Foxtrot Alliance Academy that will teach them to work with Foxtrot through videos and hands-on exercises. It will provide your company with the needed skills to implement Foxtrot RPA in the business processes.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us.

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