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Use and Maintain Your Own RPA Software Solutions

This article is published in collaboration with our key partner, Basico P/S.

Robots make the difference in a busy everyday life. They are effective, increase quality, strengthen you in your daily work, and give you more time for value-added tasks. Do you want to keep up with the development?

When Foxtrot RPA is selected to support Finance and other support features, the best RPA-software is the one you can use and maintain. Therefore, the ease of use of the software is very important when purchasing. It reduces the dependence on the IT-function and external consultants and puts the CFO in the driver's seat. Additionally, Foxtrot RPA can act as an effective assistant to a large number of employees.

To assess the ease of use, focus on the five following quality components:

1. Easy to learn

  • How easy is it to get started using the software?

  • How easy is it to configure the robot to perform the first process?

  • How easy is it to change and expand the process?

  • How easy is it to increase the knowledge you already have?

2. Efficient

The efficiency of using Foxtrot RPA must be high. In other words, how quickly can you configure the robot after you control the software's design and structure, so the activities can be performed?

For example, it may be a matter of how easy it is to incorporate the various steps in handling a process. Can you easily choose an action by using a mouse click? Is the software intuitive enough to easily show the user what to do?

3. Easy to remember

The RPA software must be easy to remember, this demonstrates the importance of how easy it is to reuse. For example, if you only use the robot in the monthly-end process, will it then be easy to remember what you did a month ago? Or do you start from the bottom every time?

4. Error Management

Error Management indicates how often the user makes mistakes - including how serious the errors are and how easy it is to correct the errors. Specifically, it tells you how the robot can move on if an error occurs. And can the robot process the next activity, or will it stop completely if it encounters an error?

5. User Satisfaction

User satisfaction focuses on how comfortable it is to use the interface and how comfortable you, as a user, feel when using the software. Because people are more likely to reuse the software that they have previously been satisfied with.

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