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Working very closely with the creators of Foxtrot RPA, EnableSoft Inc., we distribute the most intuitive and user-friendly automation software in EMEA. At Foxtrot Alliance, we enable reselling partners to plan, implement and deploy the Foxtrot RPA solution by supporting their business and consultancy teams.


Using Foxtrot RPA, an organization can deliver results faster and improve profitability while reducing cost. The effectiveness lies in the nature of the technology. RPA software is a technological revolution comparable to the invention of Excel in the 90’s. Basically, Foxtrot RPA is a piece of software that can perform the same actions on a PC as a human being. It can mimic employee actions across systems and documents without changing the underlying systems and documents.


Our vision is to enable employees to improve efficiency and performance – not to replace human employees. With Foxtrot RPA, you do not need an IT background or programming skills as Foxtrot RPA makes it intuitive and user-friendly for everyone to automate processes by using unique drag-and-drop technology with icon-based actions that are appropriate for the selected target.


Our partners are innovative and dedicated companies that plan, implement, and deploy Foxtrot automation solutions worldwide. At Foxtrot Alliance, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve.


Join the Foxtrot Alliance team and provide your customers with the most intuitive and user-friendly RPA product available. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our representatives or request a trial.


Poul Lindorf is Foxtrot Alliances Director of Partnerships.

Poul Lindorf

Director of Partnerships

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Mathias Balsløw is Foxtrot Alliance Director of Technologies.

Mathias Balsløw

Director of Technologies

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
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